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Transportation Taxi for Rent Price Table

Truck rental service is one of the most popular demands lately, when moving house, office, and factory is becoming a popular trend. Refer to the price list of truck rental services in Vietnam Moving to know more about the costs that businesses need to pay when using this service.

Transportation taxi for rent price table

What is a truck rental service?

Truck rental service is a service providing a variety of trucks with numerous size, payload, and rental price when the business wants to use to transport their goods and items to the desired place. The service provides necessary information for the business such as the existing trucks, the price list for truck rental at that moment, consulting for customers to choose the appropriate type of truck, etc.

transportation taxi for rent

What is a truck rental service?

Cost of truck rental service at Vietnam Moving

Vietnam Moving is one of the leading providers of quality truck rental services in Ho Chi Minh City. The truck rental price offered by Vietnam Moving is committed to high competition with market prices to ensure the quality of service provided to customers.

At Vietnam Moving, there are various types of vehicles of all sizes and prices for customers to choose. The cost for a truck rental service is based on a variety of factors:

- Number of trucks used: The higher the number of trucks needs to be used, the higher the cost of the service will be.

- Number of support staff: When choosing the truck rental service in Vietnam Moving, our staff will support customers to pack and transport goods to trucks, and move to the warehouse. If the number of employees is large, the cost will be more than when there are fewer people.

- Goods packing In bulk: It also determines the cost of services that customers pay.

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Vietnam Moving is one of the leading providers of quality truck rental services in Ho Chi Minh City

Price for truck rental

Vietnam Moving truck rental service is equipped with quality truck system for rent with different tonnage to meet the needs of truck rental in Ho Chi Minh City, the truck rental price will have the following costs:

Taxi truck rental price: less than 1 ton = 400,000 VND, 1.2 to 1.5 tons = 500,000 VND, 1.7 to 1.9 tons = 600.000 VND.

** Prices are subject to change without notice and VAT not included.


Renting a truck will therefore be determined by many factors. To know the cost of services, customers can contact Vietnam Moving for assistance. Vietnam Moving receives information from customers 24/24, either via Hotline or directly at the company office. Customers will refer to the price list of truck rental service at the company.

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Price for truck rental of Vietnam Moving

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Why should you use a truck rental service in Vietnam Moving?

1. The benefits of customers are guaranteed

When using the truck rental service at Vietnam Moving, customers will be offered trucks with appropriate tonnage, and new vehicles and quality assurance. In case of any damage, loss or breakage occurring to the assets, the business will be compensated 100% of the value of those assets.

2. To be provided with high quality trucks

Truck rental in Vietnam Moving always put the quality factor in priority. Accordingly, the business will be provided with modern transportation trucks of the best quality. The truck is maintained and checked periodically, to ensure technical safety during transportation, and minimize unexpected problems.

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Truck rental in Vietnam Moving always put the quality factor in priority

3. Enthusiastic, and high responsible staff

Coming to the truck rental service in Vietnam Moving, customers will receive the caring and enthusiasms of their staff. In addition, with the experience, working skills and high responsible spirit of the staff, VinaMoving will certainly bring satisfaction to customers.

4. Gratitude to customers

Vietnam Moving in the field of truck rental service always put the quality of service and customer satisfaction in priority. Going along with Vietnam Moving, customers will enjoy after-sales services, attractive promotions, cost savings and increasing effective use of services for businesses.

For all customers who need to transport goods safely and efficiently, to save time and money, choosing a truck rental service is the best method. Contact Vietnam Moving for the earliest truck rental quote.

Vietnam Moving - one of the reputable, quality truck rental service providers that you can consider and choose.


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