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Office Moving Service Price Table

Are you in need of full office moving package? Want to know how much the cost is? Want to know how to calculate the charge for an office moving? Please refer to the price list for moving office in Vietnam Moving for more information.

Demand for office moving services

Businesses always want to find a stable place for long-term development and have a spacious, professional, dynamic working environment, in order to create a premise to expand the scope of activities and have the opportunity to contact many with investors and partners.

Switching to a full office moving service can not be done on its own, as it is a difficult job with a large workload, requiring a lot of labor, transportation vehicles and necessary equipments to pack. In case, the business does not have experience in moving office, incidents will be inevitably incurred and the cost will arise.

Therefore, the office moving service is here to meet the needs of customers nowadays in finding a reasonable location to open a company office, or representative office or headquarters. Using the service is a method to help businesses save costs most effectively.

Is it necessary to use office-moving package at VinaMoving?

At present, there are many established companies with the function of providing office moving services but not all companies do the job well as they say. There are still many undesirable companies that cause businesses to suffer unexpected losses.

Vietnam Moving is known as a full-service office moving service provider with years of experience in the field. Always place the quality of service and customer benefits in priority, Vietnam Moving receives positive feedback from users and more and more customers choose to use our service.

Office moving price is calculated after a survey of the business situation

Using the office moving service of Vietnam Moving, customers will be:

- Supported for quotation, consulted about suitable service package

- Helped in examination and listing of the work to do, businesses usually do not have to do any steps of the procedures.

- Supported to dismantle, pack, and arrange furniture.

- Helped in the process of professional transportation to ensure the safety of all goods of businesses.

- Having a compensation policy for the assets and property of the business if there are any incidents during transportation.


Vina Moving office transfer pricing system

Upon receiving information from customers, the staff of Vietnam Moving will directly arrive at the field to examine the real conditions. Based on the volume of goods to be transported and the work to be done, Vietnam Moving will set the price of office moving service for customers to refer and choose.

Price list of office moving service

For the office moving service, there are two packages provided by Vietnam Moving:

1. Partial office moving service:

- Truck rental fare: less than 1 ton = 400,000 VND, 1.2 to 1.5 tons = 500,000 VND, 1.7 to 1.9 tons = 600.000 VND.

- Labor cost: 400,000 VND/person/day & 500,000 VND/person/night

- Equipment and accessories rental: based on the type of equipment and auxiliary materials.

2. Office moving service package:

After customers call for consulting, employees would come to examine and quote the package price for customers and implement the contract agreement, the cost will not arise in these terms. (When using the package service, customers are covered 100% of goods value).

Call 19006687 - 090909 8620 for consulting.

* Prices are subject to change. (VAT not included)


The cost of moving offices will be determined by various factors such as the weight of the furniture, the feature of furniture, the distance travelled, the number of vehicles, the number of employees required, the time of moving, etc.

Accordingly, the staff of Vietnam Moving will calculate based on the actual situation of the business to offer plans to move the office and expenses for customers to consider. If the customer agrees to the price offered, then we sign the contract and implement the moving of the office.

The price of office transfer service provided by VinaMoving is guaranteed to be accurate, close to reality and highly competitive with the market price to protect the legitimate benefits of customers.