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Moving House Service Price Table

Are you in need of moving house? How much does it cost to prepare a moving package? Refer to the quick and effective moving service package.

The necessity of using house-moving services

The need to move home is very popular, stemming from the desire to find a place, a better living environment of every family. However, moving home is not easy when you have to move a lot of furniture and equipment to the new home.

cost to move household goods

To move house quickly, efficiently and economically, you need the function of the moving package services of prestigious units such as VinaMoving. The moving service package is designed to assist clients in moving their home, which is very hard and heavy.

The moving service package is a service to transport your family's belongings to a safe place. Provide detailed information on the working process, and the price list of moving services package for customers to choose.

average cost to move household goods

How is the moving fee of Vietnam Moving’s house moving service?

At VinaMoving, we offer 2 different packages for customers to choose from.

1. Partial house moving service

When you choose to move part of the house, the moving house price will be calculated for each part of the job, such as:

- Means of transportation: The cost will be charged if the customer uses a truck rental service to move the assets to a new location. The higher the number of the trucks, the higher the cost will be.

- Supporting staff: If the customer needs assistance from the staff of the moving unit in dismantling, packing, porting or moving the items, service fees will be charged. The more packaged goods are, the higher the price of moving services will be.

- Arrangement: Partial costs will be incurred if the customer wants the service provider to arrange their furniture or cleanup.

how much does it cost to move household goods

2. Full house moving service

At that time, all house-moving work will be handled from A-Z by the company. Customers only need to check, monitor and accept results. Simultaneously, the price list of moving service package will be determined by many factors such as:

- How many pieces of furniture are packed, what are the features of the furniture?

- Number of employees needed to help the moving

- Number of specialized vehicles and equipment for packing, transporting furniture

- Travelling distance when moving house

- Topography, difficulty level, complexity in travelling distance

- Time of moving, etc

how much to move household goods

cheapest way to move household goods

Using the moving service package is really necessary if you want to move quickly, effectively, safely and economically. From the arranging, packaging, transportation of goods to the rearrangement of everything in the new accommodation are all provided by the company.

In order to provide the best service to our customers, Vietnam Moving is committed to bringing high competitive prices so as not to compromise quality of service. The price of moving house in Vietnam Moving will be different than the price of previous years, to ensure it will be competitive with the market price, neither lower nor higher so that customers’ rights will not be disadvantaged.

cost to move household goods average

Price list of moving service package

There are 2 packages of moving services provided by Vina Moving as follows:

1. Partial house moving service

- Truck rent: less than 1 ton = 400,000 VND, 1.2 to 1.5 tons = 500,000 VND, 1.7 to 1.9 tons = 600,000 VND

- Labor cost: 400,000 VND/person/day, night time 500,000 VND/person/day

- Rental price of equipment, accessories: depending on equipment and auxiliary materials.

2. Full house moving service

After the survey, the staff will call or email the package price list for customers; the cost will not arise after the agreement of price and items to move (also when using full house moving service package, customers will be covered 100% of goods value)

* Prices are subject to change. (VAT not included)

how much will it cost to move my household goods

Benefits when customers use Vietnam Moving moving service package

- Quality service, from a market leading reputable company

- Professional working procedures, ensuring absolute safety for family furniture

- Enthusiastic, experienced, and highly responsible staff

- New and modern transportation vehicles and equipment

- Competitive price

- Attractive after-sales programs and promotions

- Compensation of 100% of the value if there is any loss or damage to the furniture.

In summary, by using the VinaMoving moving service package, customers can be assured of the quality of services provided. For inquiries about the price of moving services, methods of doing and other issues, customers can contact VinaMoving for advice as soon as possible.