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Household Goods Move And The Checklist

11:37 | 01/06/2018

Moving an entire household can be a daunting task. Where do you even start? Right here, with checklists that will keep you on schedule

And especially when the transfer does not take much time but your goods and items must be secure and qualified? To solve the above issues, Vietnam Moving would like to share with you the following methods

First, you should refer to the quality house moving service on the market. You can ask your friends and relatives, or you can go to and type the words of the house moving service, the whole package house moving service, and so on. And I'm sure you'll find a moving service company that can meet your requirements.


moving household goods

Household goods move and the checklist

What if you want to move your household goods yourself?

What if you want to move yourself?

The work seems to quite hard but you do not have to worry too much. You should:

- Classify and pack of goods, commodities to be transported: tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, etc the bulky items that need to be removed; kitchen utensils, personal items that should be packed carefully. Fragile goods such as artworks, glass tables, glass cabinets, glass windows, etc. should be used spongy paper, soft cloth or cardboard cover many layers around your items. You should pack the least used items first. With the artworks you should wrap several layers of foam paper or soft cloth then put in the carton box. In particular, these boxes are just enough for those objects that are not too big. Avoid collisions that cause the breaking of inside goods.

- Remember to collect personal papers, medical certificates, insurance documents, employment records, and other important documents.


household goods move

What if you want to move yourself?

- Make a transfer for your child's education records, prepare for new school enrollment before you start moving.

- Eliminate unnecessary objects, which are no longer use so you can save a precious time for yourself.

- After sorting and packing, what are you waiting for other than shipping? During transportation you will need pads or cartons to store the furniture or similar items. For items that are too heavy, you will need a trolley or forklift to make transportation easier.

- If you are traveling by air, you must ensure that flights and transit places are booked. Confirm flights and new accommodation before moving to new place.

- If you want to move out or move into a building or apartment that uses elevators, to facilitate the transportation of your belongings, you need to register with the management office to use a separate elevator for the day of moving in or out.

- Before moving to a new home, you should announce the providers to cut off long-term services such as electricity, water, newspapers, internet cable, television cable, etc.


 average cost to move household goods

If you need to move house quickly in a week

- You have to make sure everything is packed.

- Remember to pick up or pay for items left at stores such as laundry, etc

- The things you do not want to bring along, you should give them for the people around you.


best way to move household goods

Make sure everything is packed

One day before moving to a new place

- Turn off the refrigerator, unfreeze the freezer and empty the refrigerator.

- Wash the necessary things.

- Prepare a bag to hold your belongings when you arrive at your new home: glasses, cups, knives, scissors, tea and sugar, kettle, fast food.

- In addition, you should also prepare an "emergency" bag for storing raincoats, tarpaulins, duct tape, personal medical equipment & tools.

- Bed mattresses, pillows and blankets should be prepared so that you can sleep well in the first night when everything is messy.

- Check all your keywords, cell phones and emergency numbers


 best way to move household goods

One day before moving to a new place

On the day of moving 

- Make sure all of the keys are in the same place. Check the power and water meter, and the faucets have been locked tightly, check the telephone wire, Internet cable, television cable have been cut off from the service provider.

- Do not forget to get the hangers and clothesline. Check again to see if there are any furniture left in the attic.

- Before leaving the room for the last time you need to check whether the electrical and water appliances are turned off.

- If you are a tenant, you need to return the keys to the landlord or manager.

- Clean and dump all the waste and trash in the house and trashbin.

- Check the mailbox one more time.

house hold removal companies

Check everything before leaving

And if you do not have time to move, Vietnam Moving can help you do it

For more information please contact:

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