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5 Things To Remember When Choosing A Domestic Moving Service

11:40 | 01/06/2018

Moving companies are supposed to make the process smoother, easier and less stressful, but when we make the wrong choices things can go South very fast.

In today's developing economy, the demand for domestic moving service is becoming more popular. Despite that, to avoid the unfortunate risk during the relocation, we are going to share some experiences to take note so that they can be used when needed.

Understanding of domestic relocation

You must know what kind of item you are shipping. To provide appropriate storing solutions, please avoid goods such as food, frozen goods, which are easily damaged because the temperature inside the truck is much higher than the outside temperature. Therefore, choose the appropriate temperature for the goods and time of transportation.


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Understanding of domestic transportation

With fragile items such as pottery, glass, etc, you should wrap them with straw, or liner, foam box. Because in the transportation process, it is unpredictable what will happen.

Select suitable means of domestic transportation of goods

Means of transport that are used by many people such as airplanes, trains, trucks, etc. Among them, trucks are the most commonly used, and are suitable for many common commodities, and a more preferred ones. .

Select suitable means of domestic transportation of goods

Select suitable means of domestic transportation of goods

If you do not have experience in the selection of vehicles, please ask the staff of the domestic freight transportation company for consulting. There have been many customers choose the truck which is too large or too small for the volume of goods to transport. It is very difficult to arrange small goods when the truck is too wide, or the size of the good is too large but the truck is small, causing the truck to exceed the prescribed volume. At this point, the cost will not be optimal.

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Select a local shipping company near the loading and unloading point

With such a choice of a freight company, it will save you time and money. When businesses have parking lots close to the loading and unloading area, they will be able to easily navigate their vehicles faster, avoiding the truck to travel to far to load the goods.

Representative offices are present at both areas of delivery and receiving of goods so that when any problem happens, you can contact them immediately, so that they can handle promptly and quickly.

To be more assured about the quality of goods, delivery time guaranteed that prices are listed in detail. You should choose a company that is reputable in the service of domestic freight transportation.

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domestic moving service

Select a shipping company near the loading and unloading point

Domestic freight charges should be noted

- Return fee: When the recipient returns to the sender

- Overcharge fee: Increases the amount of weight compared to that of the time of signing the contract

- Shipping fee: Charging based on the delivery location and quantity of goods

- Terminal fee: do not receiving goods within the specified time

best domestic moving companies

Domestic freight charges should be noted

Note the prohibited goods in transportation

- Narcotics and drugs.

- Weapons, ammunition and military technical equipment.

- All kinds of depraved and reactionary cultural products; publications and documents aimed at undermining public order against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

- Explosive or flammable substances and materials, which cause danger or unhygienic or environmental pollution.

- Commodities banned from circulation, from trading, from import or export by the Government.

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Note the prohibited goods in transportation

- Living creatures.

- Articles, publications and goods banned from import into the receiving country.

- Vietnamese currency, foreign currency and papers of monetary value.

- Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc), gemstones or other products made from precious metals and precious gems.

- Postage contains many items sent to different addresses.

Transportation of domestic goods is not difficult and complicated as import or export to other countries. But to ensure the transportation of goods is more guaranteed and convenient. The experiences mentioned above will help you to some extent. More detailed information about transportation can be found here.

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