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International Moving Service Price Table

Do you often have to transport goods internationally? You are confusing among hundreds of shipping units? Vietnam Moving offers you the best international shipping quotes with optimum quality.

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International moving service price

Vietnam Moving’s international transportation services

With the development of the global economy and the expansion of trading and commercial exchange between Vietnam and other countries in the world, the demand for transportation becomes a big market for transportation companies. Vietnam Moving International Transportation is a quite young service but has numerous experiences and high quality, which is trusted by customers.

You ask yourself why international shipping should be available while you are capable of bringing to goods to your country by yourself or by consignment. This is only true if your cargo volume is small and lightweight. For people who buy or sell a lot of bulky items, international self-bringing goods can cause many problems and can lead to loss or damage.

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Vietnam Moving has numerous experiences and high quality, which is trusted by customers.

Understanding the demands of customers, Vietnam Moving has launched the international shipping service to satisfy all customers. Over the years, we have many close and repeating customers and large partners; these partnerships demonstrate the professionalism and service quality of Vietnam Moving in customers’ view.

Vietnam Moving International Transportation not only helps move your goods to your desired destination but also includes several small services full of utility. We can help customers check the status of goods, wrap them carefully and arrange them appropriately. You can deliver anywhere, anytime you need. In addition, we always create conditions for customers to check and accept before payment.

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Benefits when customers use international transportation services of Vietnam Moving:

Quality service meet the standards

The international shipping is a complicated service that not all transportation company can do. You do not only have the background, transportation vehicles, and warehouses ... but also need many verification papers and procedures. Come to Vietnam Moving, customers can be confident because we always place prestige on top.

We have 5 steps of professional transportation procedures including: Receiving information, checking goods, signing contracts, delivering and accepting the products. Each step is implemented scientifically by a team of responsible and well-trained staff.

Vietnam Moving always considers the rights and opinions of customers first. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our hotline for immediate response. With any errors, or broken or damaged items from Vietnam Moving, we commit to refund 100% of the value of goods.

international moving service price

Quality service meet the standards

The price is very competitive

At present, international shipping prices are still high compared to other shipping services. However, Vietnam Moving has many different packages to suit customers' economical needs. This is because we cut unnecessary steps, negotiate with transporters and diversify the types of transportation.

Along with that, Vietnam Moving always list international shipping prices clearly with customers right from the date of signing the contract. For long-term customers, there are many preferential rates and promotions for you. Please contact 0909 240 809 for international shipping rates.